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My Studio(s)

In the early days of my painting I would have to really plan an art session. This meant covering the carpet in a room in our house with a mat so as to prevent any damage; getting all the paints, brushes, thinners etc out and in the right position and then making sure that my easel was at the right height for me to work. At the end I’d have to have it all put away until the next time.

Clearly that wasn’t’t conducive to learning how to paint.

So I invested in my first art studio. And here I am outside.

I’ve included a link to a video of a guided tour of my original studio, so you can get an idea of how I used to work:

After I retired, I found I was spending more time in my studio, and it became clear that after fifteen years I needed more space. So we got rid of the old one and built something bigger and much more suited to my needs.

There are two further video links. The first shows the construction of the new studio, and the second is another guided tour:

Its fair to say I absolutely love my new working environment, and just being in the studio makes me want to paint!

How do you paint?


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