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So, whats my art background?

Well, I would think its fair to say that up until my late forties I only ever had a passing interest in art. I’d dabbled in painting, but not to any serious extent. I had heard of the Mouth and Foot Painting Artists (MFPA) as a very young child. This is where the seeds were sown…
I should have started school around the mid-sixties. But the education system back then wasn’t geared to take people like me. This meant I would go to a ‘special school’.
But before that happened, I had a teacher who started coming to our house to begin my schooling. Mrs Bolton was a lovely lady. Lessons were always entertaining, and there were two stand out memories for me. Firstly Mrs Bolton would bring a projector and we would watch stories about Br’er Rabbit. Also I remember being taught to write, draw and paint holding whatever I needed between my teeth. One Christmas we made a calendar with lots of glitter and glue which I still remember to this day!
Mrs Bolton didn’t stop there though. She told me about the MFPA and, I learned many years later, she contacted them, and I received a set of watercolour paints from Peter Spencer, one of their artists. Clearly I never forgot.
Little did I know that in forty years time I would be in contact with the MFPA again.
But for now that’s all!

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