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Welcome to my new art website!

Welcome to my new art website!

Firstly I want to give a really big thank you to HeX Productions who have put this website together and who have worked with me to make sure that it looks just the way I want it to look. HeX Productions also provide updates upgrades and maintenance work on AccessAdvisr so I really am thankful for all the work they do and I know that they are really keen to ensure the websites as accessible as possible.

Visit for more information.

My name is Rob Trent and I’m a Full Member for the Mouth and Foot painting Artists (MFPA) UK. You can see some of my work on the MFPA website or if you have Instagram you can check out my work @RobTMFPA.

For future blogs I’ll be sharing stories about my art. It will include tales about my life, photos, videos that I’ve made about my paintings , stories behind the paintings and maybe show off my studio. It’ll be anything art related really.

So, lets see how it goes shall we!


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